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 USS Sealion   

(a.k.a. Sea Lion - post WWII)

Designated as; SS, SSP, ASSP, APSS & LPSS-315


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It is with total humility and a vast
amount of personal pride as an ex-crew member
that I dedicate this U.S.S. Sea Lion web site to
  one of the finest naval vessels in history's pages,
along with her heart and soul - the crew.
John Clear EMC (SS) USN (ret)

All former USS Sealion Crew Members, please register in the Sealion Forum BBS! Building a New Crew Roster!!

Named after the first sub lost to enemy fire in WWII; SS-195

The only U.S. submarine to ever sink an enemy battleship: Kongo



If any Sealion Shipmate wants a Email address, let me know.