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USN, Submariner's "Dolphins" For Plaques (Tough Resin). A Full 15" to 23" Across


Silent Service Episodes

Navy Log

WWII War Patrol Reports

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Silent Service DVD's

We now have ALL 39 episodes of season #1 and 36 episodes of season #2 in "pristine" quality.  These newly produced videos have ALL been taken directly from their original 16mm film and are seen in "like new condition" - an amazing difference from our original offerings.  We also have ALL "press kits" from the 78 shows included with the 35 episodes of season #2 DVD's.  There is NO heavy contrast, focus, banners or sound problems, no distraction.  With these newly produced DVD's, we GUARANTEE that these shows will be as stated or your money back (any "technical" glitches on our part will be replaced)!  Note: Three episodes of season #2 appear to be lost forever "but" we are still out there hunting for them.
Listed below a full line-up of season #1 and #2.   These "Silent Service" television stories from 1957 & 1958 are not available anywhere else on this planet.  RADM Tommy Dykers produced the originals for t.v. under "Twin Dolphins" and CNP (California National Productions). 
Shipping & handling for one season is $6 by boxed, priority mail, for both seasons $12.00 (U.S. ONLY)

A preview of just one episode

                                                     SILENT SERVICE Season #1

                                  Production Number             Title                                  Production Number     Title

                                                                 5601     The Jack at Tokyo                                             5620    The Squailfish

                                                               5602     The Trout at Rainbow’s End                              5621     The Grouper Story

                                                               5603     The End of the Line                                           5622     Eyes of the Sea Wolf

                                                               5604     The Sculpin Story                                              5623     The Sea Dragon

                                                               5605     The Spearfish Delivers                                       5624   Narwahl’s Passenger from Mindanao

                                                               5606     The Bergall’s Dilema                                         5625     The Perch’s New Role

                                                               5607     The Batfish Scores                                             5626     The Final War Patrol

                                                               5608     The Tigrone Sets a Record                                 5627     The Last Dive

                                                               5609     Five Ring Circus                                                5628     The Gar Story

                                                               5610     The Pampanito Story                                        5629     The Flier Story             

                                                               5611     The Tirante Plays a Hunch                                5630     The Starfish Comes Home

                                                               5612     The Tang –vs- Truk                                           5631     The Sealion Story

                                                               5613     The Wahoo’s Final Report                                5632     The Nautilus Story

                                                               5614     Two Davids and Goliath                                   5633     Hit ‘Em Again, Harder

                                                               5615     The Ordeal of the S-38                                      5634     The Seashark Story

                                                               5616     The Seahorse Story                                           5635     The Tsushima Straights Story

                                                               5617     The Salmon Swims Upstream                            5636     The Searaven

                                                               5618     Cargo for Crevalle                                            5637     The Tang’s Last Shot

                                                               5619     Boomerang                                                       5638     The Loss of the Perch

                                                                                                                                                    5639     The Guardfish


                                            SILENT SERVICE Season #2

                                Production Number      Title                                       Production Number     Title

                                19-1      Archerfish Spits Straight                             19-21    The S-44 Story (LOST)

                                                             19-2      The Sea Devil Attacks Puget Sound            19-22    The Pargo’s Lucky Seventh

                                                                   19-3      The Bergall’s Revenge                                 19-23    Crevalle’s Mine Plant

                                                             19-4      Unsuccessful Patrol                                     19-24    The Sunfish Story

                                                             19-5      The Aspro Story                                          19-25    The Sunfish’s Cook

                                                             19-6      The Thresher Story                                      19-26    The Nautilus and the Nuns

                                                             19-7     The Ugly Duckling  (LOST)                          19-27    The Sandshark Story

                                                             19-8      Peto Plucks Some Chickens                         19-28    Operation Seadragon

                                                             19-9      The S-38 Story                                             19-29    The Harder at Woleai

                                                             19-10    Incident Down South                                   19-30    The Tautog Story

                                                             19-11    Mine, For Keeps                                          19-31    The Swordfish Story

                                                             19-12    Fish Out of Water                                        19-32    The Gabilan Story

                                                             19-13    Cod’s Lost Boarding Party                          19-33    The Gato Story

                                                             19-14    The Triton’s Christmas                                19-34    The Silversides Story

                                                                   19-15    The Hawkbill’s Revenge                              19-35    The Bowfin Story

                                                             19-16    The Tigershark                                            19-36    Royal Submarines (LOST)

                                                             19-17    The Cavalla Story                                        19-37    Squalus Rescue

                                                             19-18    The Growler’s Captain                                 19-38    Seanettle –vs- U-Boat

                                                                   19-19    The Tinosa Story                                          19-39    U-47 in Scapa Flow

                                                             19-20    The Grayling Story

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Season #1 (full 39 episodes) = $149.00

Season #2 (36 episodes + Press Kits) = $149.00


With ANY questions contact: webmaster@usssealion.com

Navy Log TV Series

Copies of the original 105 episodes produced are difficult at best to find.  We now have collected twenty five of these stories and are offering them on six DVDs.  The twenty five episodes included in these six Volumes of Navy Log are:

Volume #1                                 Volume #4

Web Feet                                                                       War of the whale boats

Helium Umbrella                                                           After you Ludwig

The Pollywog of Yosu                                                    Sky Pilot

Operation Typewriter                                                     Fatal Crest

Volume #2                                 Volume #5

Death of Dillinger-San                                                   Demos the Greek

Incident at Formosa                                                       Buzzy Boy

Fire at Sea                                                                      Florida Weekend

1600 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W.                                         Commander & the bird

Volume #3                                 Volume #6

Plebe                                                                              Gimmick

Operation 3 in 1                                                             Leave

PT-109                                                                           Lonely Watch

The Pentagon Story                                                       Operation Hideout (episode is rough)

  (U.S. Buyers Only)

All of these episodes were filmed in black and white and have good sound and clarity*, each disc is approximately 2 hours in length.  All SIX volumes shipping is $6 by boxed, priority mail.  Turn around time from receipt of order to mailing will be less than 2 business days maximum.  One of Clint Eastwood's 1st film ventures is one of these episodes. Order all 6 for just $60.00 +$6 S&H by boxed, priority mail.


War Patrol Reports

For the first time ever the total collection of  WWII U.S. Naval Submarine War Patrol Reports are now available in PDF (.pdf extension) format via DVD.  These reports have been languishing in the outdated microfiche /microfilm format since the late 60's - almost 50 years now.  This offering is the culmination of a massive effort to have those microfilm records of some 255 submarines, making over 1,600 WWII war patrols brought up to current digital technology.  To purchase your own microfiche copies from the National Archives, your cost would be over $4,900.00 for some 63,000 pages.  All of these pages printed up (single sided) would result in a book over 22 feet long!

The general public, researchers, authors and submarine veterans alike will all benefit for years to come by being able to have easy access to these reports preserved in their “as written/as is” form. This is a snapshot of history at its best, written when and where it occurred with specific details that will take the reader back through time and bring them aboard that particular submarine as each occurrence happened.

HOW TO ORDER: You may order the reports for one sub, several subs, or the full collection of WWII.  For mailing in your order, use the order form above.  Print out the Blank Ordering Form (above) enter in your information as noted, enclose your payment and mail to the address as indicated.  If using PayPal, follow instructions above.

NOTE:  8/19/11 - We now have the ENTIRE collection of war patrol reports available on just FOUR DVD's in a "compressed .pdf" format for the extremely low price of $79.95 for the entire collection - this is obviously a much more cost efficient method of purchase than ordering a single boat or even several at a time!  Not a PayPal user?  This is the safest and fastest method of purchase these days, check out the facts at their website www.paypal.com  (buyers pay NO fees)!

"Before and After" Picture:  Microfiche/film Boxes -vs- DVD Set (now on 4 DVD's)

A major factor in starting this whole project was to be able to provide a copy of the War Patrol Records to all the WW II Submarine veterans for the patrols they made.  All of the war patrol reports will be sent in PDF (Adobe reader) format making it much easier to view, unless the JPG format is specifically requested!  The WWII U.S. Submarine War Patrol Reports DVD collection has been assigned an ISBN number of 13: 978-0-615-17769-4 for those of you needing this information for your purchase order.  The entire set of all these war patrol reports (63,000 pages) can be yours in .pdf compressed format on four DVD's for just $79.95 + $6 Shipping by priority, boxed mail. 


War Patrol Appendices

Additionally, we have just converted an additional 15 reels of archived microfilm consisting of close to 2000 pages containing War Patrol cross reference information arranged in the following folder categories:

1.  By name of submarine

2.  By name of commanding officer

3.  By date of departure on patrol

4.  By commanding officer (detailed)

5.  By boat and patrol number

6.  By date and hour of attack

7.  By position of attack

8.  By target type

9.  By date and hour of enemy contact

10. By position of enemy contact

11. By lifeguard rescue of pilots

12. Counterattacks by boat and patrol

13. Counterattacks by date and hour

14. Counterattacks by degree of damage sustained

15. Counterattacks by position

These microfilm records were NOT part of the original war patrol reports and make for some very interesting and therefore most useful appendices.  We are offering all of these appendices on one DVD in PDF format for $19.95 + $2 S&H (with shipping by USPS 1st class, U.S. only).  Note: These appendices are included FREE when ordering the above war patrol DVD's...


Great Submarine Movies

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